Nourish Your Mind, Body and Soul

Did you know that you could be eating a balanced diet, but still be lacking vital nutrients the body needs to thrive?

Today’s foods are deficient of basic vitamins and minerals because our crops have been modified to grow faster with nutritional value taking a back seat. Even the most nutritionally disciplined are missing important enzymes and probiotics that are essential to optimal health.

At the end of the day, we are still in need of addition essential nutrients. Here are 6 elements to assist in nourishing the body, mind and soul:

  • Enzymes are vital for digestion. Enzymes are found in raw foods, but when food is cooked or processed over 118 degrees enzymes are destroyed. When we are unable to digest and absorb our foods, we cannot benefit from what that food has to offer. Supplementing enzymes are a great way to improve overall gut health.
  • Probiotics are good, friendly bacteria that act as a strong shield to boost gut health and immunity.
  • Nutrients like vitamins and minerals are essential for life and to nourish the whole body. We are seeing a lack of these nutrients in our foods and more synthetically created in a lab that cannot be absorbed.
  • Oxygen is what our body loves. Yoga is a great way a to keep active, the lungs healthy and the body and mind to stay fit.
  • Water. How much are you drinking a day? The benefits are incredible! We recommend drinking half your body weight in ounces. (e.g. 120 lbs – drink 60 oz. daily.
  • Waste Removal. The liver and kidneys are vital organs that we rely on to filter waste and debris from them body. We recommend doing a gentle liver and kidney cleanse every 6 months.

Prana and XR Nutrition

XR Nutrition Heart Health Bundle

Prana Health Coaching has been searching for another solution to complete our programs and provide optimal health for our clients. We have decided to partner with XR Nutrition as our suggested whole food, plant-based solution.

XR Nutrition provides whole food nutritional supplements, with no synthetic components, in order for the body to be truly nourished. They provide products that focus on gut health, mental clarity, weight loss, energy levels and feeding the body, mind and soul for optimal health and wellness.

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